Crash on opening Control Rig asset that was created in UE5-EA

UE - Anim - Rigging - Control Rig - Nov 8, 2021

This issue was found from an external user on Twitter using UE5-Early Access - [Link Removed] The crash happens on asset load.  User says that they were following Gabriele's video - [Link Removed] ...

No sound plays when using Oculus Spatialization Plugin

UE - Audio - Spatialization - Nov 10, 2021

The Oculus spatialization option is not producing sounds. In Test Rail I can see that the test related to this passed April 2021 in UE4. In UE5 it passed on Early Access in February 2021. ...

The showdebug abilitysystem command crashes editor when the target is a child actor

UE - Gameplay - Dec 2, 2021

An actor with an AbilitySystemComponent that is spawned by a ChildActorComponent will have a null AbilityActorInfo. This leads to a crash in the ASC when GetDebugTarget attempts to access AbilityAct ...

Crash in BuildVisibleDecalList

UE - Rendering - Nov 16, 2021