iPhonePackager code signature not supported by iOS 15

UE - Platform - Mobile - Sep 27, 2021

Asset Manager settings that worked in 4.26 now have extra invisible broken types

UE - Foundation - Core - Cooker - Sep 23, 2021

For 4.27/5.0 (as part of [Link Removed]) we changed the asset manager's settings to be a key-indexed config array which gives more safety with removing entries via the UI. However, this actually bro ...

Virtual Shadow Map artefacts on animations

UE - Rendering - Sep 23, 2021

[MetaSounds] - Browse to Asset button on Wave Player Node does not work

UE - Audio - MetaSounds - Sep 21, 2021

Selecting the Browse button on a Wave Player asset does not load the location of the selected asset for previously saved MetaSounds. Changing the Wave Asset to another Sound Wave and then selecting ...

Terrain layer weight parameters don't work in material layers

UE - Rendering - Materials - Sep 16, 2021

Quick look at code, seems like terrain weight parameters aren't considering MPI association or index. ...

Demo Record does not play back the events that occurred after the ServerTravel command.

UE - Networking - Sep 16, 2021

Regression was checked on UE5-Release-EarlyAccess CL 16682836, Regression - No. ...

Backcompat: ConstructObjectFromClass node no longer accepts "Outer" input types that are not also derived from self

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Editor - Sep 15, 2021

The ConstructObjectFromClass node no longer allows connections to the "Outer" input pin that are not of a type that's derived from the current Blueprint class (self). Previously, users could connec ...

Splitting a struct pin on a function node does not display tool tips on resulting struct member pins

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Editor - Sep 15, 2021

Splitting a struct pin on a function node does not display tooltips for the resulting struct member pins.  upd. Regression was checked on //UE4/Release-4.26 CL 15973114, issue wasn't reproduced. Re ...

Android does not show camera when in ARDebugCheck project

UE - Platform - XR - Sep 15, 2021

While working in the //UE5/Main - Medium Priority - Platform Sanity Pass after being packaged and then uploaded onto supported android device, the screen just shows a black background as it is not p ...