Shadowmapping broken in Android Vulkan Editor Preview

UE - Platform - Mobile - Oct 2, 2023

Unable to edit double variable in property matrix

UE - Editor - UX - Oct 2, 2023

Since UE5.0, cannot edit double variables in property matrix. In UE4.27, it worked correctly and could be edited from the property matrix. This is because double variables are not supported in SProp ...

[AI] Fill Collision Underneath for Navmesh does not work for ISM instances

UE - AI - Navigation - Sep 29, 2023

Although the ISM component allows for enabling the flag for Fill Collision Underneath for Navmesh, it does not add the modifier for this to the navigation data for its instances.  ...

Selecting and dragging multiple tracks on Sequence window combines the tracks to one row

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Sep 29, 2023

With plural shot tracks in different rows in the sequencer window, selecting these tracks and dragging one of them (but not the bottom one) left or right will merge the rows. Please check the attach ...

[AI] SmartObject with Precondition in a persistent collection crashes editor when exiting PIE

UE - AI - SmartObject - Sep 26, 2023

Adding the Precondition to the SmartObject caused an assertion when it was part of a persistent collection. The precondition needs to be able to pass its Activate method to cause the assert. This b ...

Multi-process cooking does not complete in UE5.3.0

UE - Foundation - Core - Cooker - Sep 26, 2023

Projects with multi-process cooking enabled will not complete packaging. If MPCook is disabled, packaging can be completed.  ...

[Interchange - glTF] Incorrect results when importing a GLB with skeletal animation

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Import and Export - Sep 25, 2023

Properties not serialized when moving actor/component depending on unrelated specifiers

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Sep 25, 2023

When an actor is moved on the level editor viewport, it is reconstructed along with its components, which at first makes their properties reset to their default state. Thankfully, this does not happ ...