Preview rendering does not update when slider is moved below 0.0 in timeline on in Niagara Editor.

UE - Niagara - Jul 26, 2023

Workaround in UE5.3:  UNiagaraComponent::TickComponent             if (AgeDiff < 0.0f)             {                 SystemInstanceController->Reset(FNiagaraSystemInstance::EResetMode::ResetAl ...

Interchange tests framework need to support python pipeline

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Import and Export - Jul 17, 2023

[MetaSounds] The Members' detail panel does not accurately update after making an edit and selecting a different member

UE - Audio - MetaSounds - Jun 26, 2023

Note: This issue also affects MetaSound Patches and any Members Menu List Repro Rate: 5/5 Regression marked as No: issue was seen in 5.2 and 5.1  UE5+Release-5.2-CL-26001984 UE5+Release-5.1-CL- ...

Allow for Chords in the EnhancedInputUserSettings

UE - Gameplay - Input - Jun 23, 2023

UE Editor 5.3 - Level Viewport - Unlocalized Issues

UE - Editor - Workflow Systems - Jun 23, 2023

How to Reproduce: 1. Open Editor 5.3 (ReltestB) in Localized version (culture= ) 2. Click on the "show" icon in the level viewport 3. Navigate to the following locations in the Show menu and observ ...

Iris - check hit in FNetBitStreamWriter::InitBytes if object has only COND_InitialOnly replicated properties

UE - Networking - Iris - Jun 22, 2023

InitOnly FReplicationStateDescriptors will have a value of 0 for ChangeMaskBitCount, so if an object only has COND_InitialOnly properties, its FReplicationProtocol will also have a ChangeMaskBitCoun ...

VerboseCookerWarning warnings: Saving object into cooked package %s which was created at cook time, Object Name UniqueObjectNameForCooking_0, Full Path %s, Outer class %s

UE - Foundation - Core - Cooker - Jun 19, 2023

Creating objects at cook time that are exported into the cooked package is a possible cause of indeterminism, and therefore we have banned it in engine classes and will fire a warning about it. Cur ...

[Audio][Niagara] - Audio Spectrum only reacts to Channel 0, despite setting to another channel

UE - Audio - Submixes - Jun 6, 2023

While doing some extra testing of the Submix Analyser fixes, I noticed there is a setting to set the channel of the submix to give the analyser. It always works for channel 0, but changing it to any ...

[Audio Gameplay Volumes] - Updating components that effect audio when the listener is inside a Volume do not work when the listener spawns inside the volume

Audio-Gameplay-Engineering - Jun 6, 2023

Found while writing EngineTests for [Link Removed]. Appears to work the other way around (using Exterior volume and having the sound inside and the listener outside to start). This also occurs wh ...