'recompileshaders changed' doesn't work

UE - Graphics Features - May 7, 2021

The issue is already fixed in UE5 by CL 14368553. This Jira is created for cherrypick into UE4 ...

GetAllMobileRelevantLayerNames drops those layers which are only connected to RuntimeVirtualTextureOutput Node

UE - Graphics Features - May 6, 2021

in UMaterial::GetAllReferencedExpressions, the mobile branch ignores every CustomOutputExpressions including RuntimeVirtualTextureOutput. ...

Crash when creating a static mesh from a Procedural Mesh Component that has been used with a Create Mesh Section node

UE - LD & Modeling - Modeling Tools - Mesh Editing - May 5, 2021

When creating a static mesh from a Procedural Mesh Component that has been used by a Create Mesh Section node, the editor crashes. The editor doesn't crash when selecting the Create Static Mesh butt ...

Crash in MaterialInstance when deleting a layer

UE - Graphics Features - May 4, 2021

Repro from licensee here - [Link Removed] ...

CullDistanceVolumes don't update correctly

UE - Graphics Features - May 4, 2021

iOS 14.5 - Code Signing Version No Longer Supported

UE - Platform - Mobile - May 3, 2021

Using the remote build process (making an iOS build from Windows with a remote Mac) no longer functions properly on iOS 14.5 devices. It's possible to create an ipa, but it's not actually possible ...

Crash when reopening a project that has a Child Actor component in a BP with a WaterBody class set as the Parent Class

UE - Graphics Features - Apr 29, 2021

When adding a child actor component to a Blueprint with the Parent Class set to one of the new Water classes and then placing it in the world, the project will crash on open. This was tested with th ...