When rendering a reflection capture, the lightmap may be rendered without finishing streaming.

UE - Graphics Features - Oct 5, 2021

This problem occurs when you do a lighting build. It does not occur when the reflection capture is done by itself. ...

When CascadeToNiagara, the Disable state of Emitter is not converted properly.

UE - Niagara - Oct 5, 2021

In CascadeToNiagaraConverter.py # copy the emitter enabled state. enabled = ue_fx_utils.get_lod_level_is_enabled(cascade_emitter_lod) niagara_emitter_context.set_enabled(enabled) It stores the ...

Area Lights casting Specular regardless of material specular value

UE - Graphics Features - Sep 30, 2021

The rectangle lights ignore the specular value of lit materials and will apply a specular highlight to them regardless of the value. you can compare the result against a standard point light and you ...

Oculus Quest "Reset View" command doesn't work with OpenXR

UE - Platform - XR - Sep 27, 2021

upd. Regression was checked on //UE4/Release-4.26 CL 17626593 Issue wasn't reproduced. Regression - Yes ...

Virtual Scouting Interactor / VR Scouting Tools Menus appear Black when using real-world lighting values (i.e. 70k lux)

UE - Virtual Production - Tools - VR Scouting - Sep 27, 2021

The Virtual Scouting tools appear black in scenes using real-world physical lighting values due to their UI Material Domain since they do not have an emissive channel and do not accommodate viewport ...

[MetaSounds] - Browse to Asset button on Wave Player Node does not work

UE - Audio - MetaSounds - Sep 21, 2021

Selecting the Browse button on a Wave Player asset does not load the location of the selected asset for previously saved MetaSounds. Changing the Wave Asset to another Sound Wave and then selecting ...

Landscape is deformed on Mobile preview

UE - LD & Modeling - Terrain - Landscape - Sep 8, 2021

APlayerController::FlushPressedKeys is (incorrectly?) called when the client viewport loses focus.

UE - Gameplay - Input - Sep 3, 2021

When focus changes an IE_Released event occurs for the W key (your character stops moving) due to UGameViewportClient::LostFocus calling APlayerController::FlushPressedKeys. Because of the R key pre ...

Sqlite plugin crash on iOS

UE - Platform - Mobile - Aug 26, 2021