Fast Track icon is not displayed when variables is not connected to the AnimGraph

UE - Anim - Runtime - Anim Blueprints - Apr 24, 2023

The Fast Track icon is not displayed when there are no variables connected to the AnimGraph. This issue was not present in UE4. ...

Missing BP/Python functionality to set a viewport OCIO configuration.

UE - Virtual Production - Rendering - Color - Apr 20, 2023

Multiple vendor's asked if there could be a way to programmatically set the created OCIO config for a viewport and select the source/dest settings as well and enable/disable the config.  The curren ...

Investigate render flush at SkeletalMeshComponent InitLODInfos

UE - Anim - Rigging - Apr 19, 2023

From UDN : we are spawning a number of characters at the same time during the game, and seeing a major framerate hitch when we do so. After the characters have been spawned, we use SetSkinnedAssetA ...

Subsurface shading model is broken when ray traced shadows are used in 5.1+

UE - Graphics Features - Ray Tracing - Apr 19, 2023

Volumetric fog rendering gets cut off at the apex for some spot lights when viewed from certain angles

UE - Rendering Architecture - Apr 19, 2023

Fix is found in licensee’s pull request: ...

AbilityTask_PlayMontage will 'zombie' if Interrupted during BlendOut

UE - Gameplay - Gameplay Ability System - Apr 14, 2023

User reports: I've noticed a bug with PlayMontageAndWait There are 4 possible triggers when a Montage completes:OnCompletedOnBlendOutOnInterruptedOnCancelled Once OnBlendout has been triggere ...

Old property values can be applied when updating an unmapped reference in custom NetSerialize struct

UE - Networking - Apr 13, 2023

This seems to be caused by the following:The struct, which has an actor reference property as well as some other properties, implements its own NetSerialize function.When the actor reference propert ...

Editing a specific LOD and then using Remesh causes geometry to disappear

UE - LD & Modeling - Modeling Tools - Apr 13, 2023

from licensee:"Expected behavior: The LOD selected to be edited should be saved correctly, allowing different remesh results to be saved as different LODs of the same mesh, _i.e. remesh with 1 cm t ...

Crash on IOS with spotlight shadow

UE - Platform - Mobile - Apr 13, 2023

Engine Crash when Running a Screenshot Functional Test

UE - Automation Test - Apr 12, 2023

Running a Screenshot Functional test, is causing an engine crash. By attaching a debugger to it, AScreenshotFunctionalTestBase::PrepareForScreenshot() is reached and GEngine->GameViewport is null, ...