WMF Media Audio Quality needs Improvement

Media Framework - Aug 23, 2016

Media Player not playing in Packaged Project for Android

Media Framework - Aug 18, 2016

Unable to play Media Player on a packaged packaged project for Android. Note I tested two separate devices and neither were able to display the media file as expected. The user reporting the issue ...

[CrashReport] SMediaPlayerEditorOutput::UpdateSoundWave(), SetAudioSink()

Media Framework - Aug 9, 2016

This JIRA is being entered as a result of it being one of the top crashes in 4.13 Preview 1. Error message: Access violation - code c0000005 (first/second chance not available) Source Context: 67 ...

Crash after Clearing Sound Wave Asset and Deleting Media Player from Content Browser

Media Framework - Aug 8, 2016

A crash occurs when deleting a Media Player asset from the Content Browser that contained a previously referenced Sound Wave asset. This issue does not occur in any past engine versions as the prev ...

Failing to load Precached Media Source

Media Framework - Aug 5, 2016

Failing to load Precached Media Source receive the below in the log: LogWmfMedia:Warning: Failed to finish resolve file://D:/Builds/Releases/QAGame/Content/Movies/MediaExample.mp4: The byte stream ...

Media Player Asset not Playing in Packaged Game

Media Framework - Jun 22, 2016

Media asset fails to play in packaged game. There was a bug entered UE-28011 which is similar, but dealt with standalone play mode as well. The standalone issue seems to have been fixed since then, ...

WmfMedia: Calling the play and pause nodes multiple times cause a media player to stop working

Media Framework - Aug 20, 2015

If the player calls the nodes Pause > Play > Pause > Play, the media player will stop working. ...