Fix world to meters scale

UE - Platform - XR - Apr 11, 2018

Is changing the world to meters in the current 4.19 AR template project supposed to affect the world, or is world to meters only for VR projects currently? We have project where a client wants us to ...

Freezing when changing levels in VR preview

UE - Platform - XR - Apr 2, 2018

When changing levels in VR preview it appears to freeze for 30 seconds. This does not happen the first time VR preview is used during the editor session. However, after using VR preview once and cha ...

Leap motion hands stop tracking after regenerating skeleton

UE - Platform - XR - Mar 29, 2018

Leap motion hands stop tracking after regenerating skeleton. When opening the asset "hands_lo" the user is confronted with a message that reads "The preview mesh hierarchy doesn't match with the ske ...

[CrashReport] UE4Editor_RHI!FClearValueBinding::GetClearColor() [rhi.h:989]

UE - Platform - XR - Mar 27, 2018

No user comments in crash group 986 FLinearColor GetClearColor() const 987 { 988 ***** ensure(ColorBinding == EClearBinding::EColorBound); 989 return FLinearColor(V ...

When OpenGL ES 3.1 is enabled for Android build in Handheld AR Template, camera inverts colors

UE - Platform - XR - Mar 26, 2018

When OpenGL ES 3.1 is enabled in Android Build settings, device prompts user to choose to "Allow ARInvertColor to take pictures and record video". If allowed, colors are inverted by the camera. If ...

Crash in Acquire/Release UGoogleARCorePointCloud.

UE - Platform - XR - Mar 21, 2018

Severe Performance Drop Using PlanarReflectionComponent and Oculus Rift in VR

UE - Platform - XR - Mar 19, 2018

Upon moving around when PIE with VR Preview selected, you'll notice there are drops in framerate where the project seems to skip. ...