Background blur missing with HDR CompositeMode 1

UE - Graphics Features - Jul 29, 2021

UPD: According to Affects Version field, issue reproduces in 4.26, Regression for 4.27 - No. ...

Movie Render Queue does not render letterboxes to exports with sensor aspect ratios between 16:9 and 1:1

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Jul 28, 2021

There is a discrepancy between how Movie Scene Capture (Legacy) and Movie Render Queue handle letterboxing for sensor aspect ratio's that do not match the export resolution, which seems to be a bug ...

Sky artefacts when Cast Cloud Shadows enabled

UE - Graphics Features - Jul 20, 2021

[CrashReport]UE4Editor-AudioMixerXAudio2!Audio::FMixerPlatformXAudio2::OpenAudioStream(Audio::FAudioMixerOpenStreamParams const &) [AudioMixerPlatformXAudio2.cpp:951]

UE - Audio - Jul 15, 2021

This issue is occurring on startup for users. This could be potentially related to a recent Windows Update. ...

Mobile Previewer: Safe Zone Invalid Until Window Resize

UE - Platform - Mobile - Jul 12, 2021

When the Mobile Previewer loads, the Safe Zone widget is not working properly at startup, and requires a window resize to update to the correct Safe Zone. ...

Ray tracing in sequencer causing AO ghosting

UE - Graphics Features - Jul 12, 2021

Material Quality Level not working with Layers

UE - Graphics Features - Jul 6, 2021