Crash when adding a streaming level to the world through Python

UE - LD & Art - World Building - World Composition - Aug 3, 2021

When using the Python plugin to add an existing level as a streaming level, the editor crashes. It seems that this happens regardless of what level is added or what the contents of that level are. A ...

If enable Preview Slot of non-default slot in AnimMontage, AnimNotify of AnimationSequence does not run.

UE - Anim - Runtime - Jul 15, 2021

The AnimSingleNodeInstance used in the AnimMontage preview does not consider multiple Slots. The following is a correction code. void UAnimSingleNodeInstance::SetAnimationAsset(class UAnimationAsse ...

Oculus Quest Link with OpenXR fires action events multiple times when multiple action events are bound to the same key

UE - Platform - XR - Jul 14, 2021

From a developer: If the same key is mapped to N action events all the mapped events fire N times. This issue only exists with the OpenXR plugin enabled and does not occur for any keyboard/mouse i ... stub can overload IDE parsing limits

UE - Editor - Framework - Python - Jul 13, 2021

We should consider splitting this into separate per-module files that are merged together via imports. Any strong dependencies (eg, inheritance) need to import the type being inherited. ...

TeleportTo result with Chaos is different from PhysX

UE - Simulation - Physics - Jun 25, 2021

The result with Chaos is not wrong, rather it returns a correct correction vector, that vector is perfectly horizontal to the teleport buried against the landscape mesh. Therefore, teleportation wil ...

Control rig CCDIK node behaves in a weird way using control type.

UE - Anim - Rigging - Control Rig - Jun 15, 2021

Overriding a subobject's class in a native base class can lead to that component being null in derived Blueprints (FObjectInitializer::SetDefaultSubobjectClass)

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Compiler - Jun 10, 2021

Overriding a subobject's class in a native base class can lead to that component being null in derived Blueprints.  ...

The space between multi line text is gone in game when the text box is placed in a retainer box

UE - Editor - UI Systems - May 4, 2021

When using a Text Box with multiple lines inside a Retainer, the lines overlap with each other depending on the letters. It doesn't look this way in the Widget Designer. Additionally, it doesn't loo ...

Adding a new component to a parent class breaks child Blueprints

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Apr 16, 2021

See UDN(308147): [Link Removed] ...

Material cannot be set in MaterialInterface of NiagaraParameterCollection

UE - Rendering - Niagara - Apr 16, 2021

When MaterialInterface is added to UserParameter of NiagaraSystem, Material can be set in Properties. Also, in UE4main CL15988344, there is no MaterialInterface item in the NiagaraParameterCollecti ...