FAnimUpdateRateParameters::GetInterpolationAlpha appears to be returning an invalid value for TrailMode

UE - Anim - Aug 5, 2023

It appears that  FAnimUpdateRateParameters::GetInterpolationAlpha is not returning a sensible value when running in TrailMode.  Currently the only variable in the calculation is EvaluationRate which ...

Gameplay Effects with instant duration fail to be predicted if a duration magnitude was previously set

UE - Gameplay - Gameplay Ability System - Aug 4, 2023

The Duration Magnitude property is not zeroed out if a Gameplay Effect's duration policy is changed from HasDuration to Instant. As a result, UAbilitySystemComponent::ApplyGameplayEffectSpecToSelf e ...

Widgets are removed from viewport on server travel

UE - Editor - UI Systems - UMG - Aug 3, 2023

The GameViewportSubsystem removes all widgets from the viewport in UGameViewportSubsystem::HandleRemoveWorld which is bound to the FWorldDelegates::OnWorldBeginTearDown and FWorldDelegates::OnPreWor ...

A static mesh far from the origin appears to wobble in PIE

UE - Rendering Architecture - Aug 3, 2023

It seems that the numbers are rounded in VertexFactoryCommon shader. The cube consists of vertices that are very far from the origin and are placed on the screen by placing them at coordinates that ...

GAS: GameplayCueNotify OnActive executed twice for Duration GEs on Standalone+ListenServer

UE - Gameplay - Gameplay Ability System - Aug 2, 2023

When playing Standalone or as Listen Server, whenever a GameplayEffect with a duration is applied that fires gameplay cues, the server will locally execute OnActive twice on GameplayCueNotify_Actors ...

FcomponentVisualizer::ShowWhenSelected() has no effect

UE - Editor - Workflow Systems - Aug 2, 2023

FsplineComponentVisualizer inconsistent selection/deselection behavior in the Level Editor

UE - Editor - Workflow Systems - Aug 2, 2023

It seems to be more intuitive if the component is selected on the Details Panel when activating a ComponentVisualizer in the Level Editor viewport. This is what happens in the Blueprint Editor’s Com ...