Error when exposing a tMap/tSet on spawn and connecting it to a custom event

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Jul 12, 2017

When using a variable that has been setup to be a container of the type "Set" or "Map" and error will be thrown when connecting an exposed input pin to a custom event. ...

Android compile failure with GearVR

UE - Platform - XR - Jul 11, 2017

Compiling failure from several compile errors in the output log. They're of same type like this:UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ETC2)): xgConsole: In file included from D:\Streams\UE4_Release\Engine\ ...

[CrashReport] Crash after enabling the 'Composure' plugin

UE - Graphics Features - Jul 11, 2017

This crash occurs in the 4.17 Preview 1 Binary editor after enabling the Composure plugin. User DescriptionsEnabled the Composure plugin (and restarted editor) in 4.17 Preview 1 ...

Crash in MobilePatchingLibrary OnInstallComplete when install fails

UE - Platform - Mobile - Jul 11, 2017

Crash in MobilePacthingLibrary.cpp in the function static void OnInstallComplete FText ErrorText = MobilePendingContent->Installer->GetErrorText(); It looks like MobilePendingConte ...

Crash in GetScreenRect on OPPO and Vivo devices

UE - Platform - Mobile - Jul 11, 2017

DOF rendering artifacts on Redmi Note 3

UE - Platform - Mobile - Jul 11, 2017

Save process fails for BuiltData.uassets when trying to PIE - Standalone Game

Tools - Jul 10, 2017

The following can be observed in the output log for the various BuiltData.uassets:Cmd: OBJ SAVEPACKAGE PACKAGE="/Game/Maps/Highrise_Audio_BuiltData" FILE="../../../../../Builds/Release-4.17/Samples/ ...

Crash when referencing GearVRController

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Jul 10, 2017

SamD and I noticed that in 4.17 the GearVRController component wasn't appearing in searches in the editor. This crash doesn't occur in 4.16.1 ...

Morph target for SK_BoxMorph_1 exceeds 1.0, causes the sphere shape to bend inward

Docs - Samples - Jul 10, 2017

In Content Examples, the morph targets assigned to SK_Box_Morph_1 exceed 1.0. While it's not "wrong" for morphs to go beyond that, it doesn't seem like it's a great demonstration in the asset. Goi ...

Constraint axes are not visible in Physics Asset editor viewport

OLD - Anim - Jul 10, 2017

This is a regression from 4.16 as I was not able to repro this issue in //UE4/Release-4.16 at CL 3514769. ...