Android Vulkan Preview is black when Play in VR

UE - Platform - XR - Aug 25, 2021

RGB/UINT10 HDR Format not using ST.2084

UE - Rendering Architecture - RHI - Aug 23, 2021

Specification here: [Link Removed] Which is mirrored in engine in FD3D12DynamicRHI::Init (for example): [Image Removed] However, FWindowsPlatformMisc::ChooseHDRDeviceAndColorGamut always returns ...

Evaluate WPO for Foliage(HISM) is based on Local Space?

UE - Graphics Features - Lumen - Aug 21, 2021

Binding Input Actions to Shift+F results in no input being detected

UE - Gameplay - Input - Aug 19, 2021

From my testing, it appears that Shift+F is not detected by the editor. If you map the input action to either F or Ctrl+F, they both work correctly, so it seems specific to the Shift+F keyboard comb ...

Include better comments/warnings for certain edge cases when using dependent actors with RepGraph

UE - Networking - Aug 17, 2021

A recent UDN brought up two scenarios with dependent actors in RepGraph that could use better comments/warnings. The first is that calling ForceNetUpdate on an actor that is only replicated as a de ...

Plugin Config filenames need to be different for Engine vs Game plugins

UE - Foundation - Core - Aug 16, 2021

Right now, plugins installed to the game directory will only load plugin-specific config files with the path /Project/Plugins/PluginPath/Config/*Default*PluginName.ini. However, engine plugins will ...

Cascade To Niagara Converter doesn't respect Initial Location Module

UE - Niagara - Aug 13, 2021

Niagara's Initialize Particle Module has the Input.Position Write default Value False which is fine as long as the Cascade To Niagara Converter can realizes whether Cascade has the location Module a ...

[Reverb Effect] - Deactivate Reverb Effect Blueprint Doesn't Deactivate Reverb

UE - Audio - Aug 11, 2021

When deactivating a reverb, it's removed from the Activated List, but doesn't get removed from being the active reverb. Confirmed occurs in 4.27 and 5.0 ...