LIVE: BP: Memory leak when opening blueprints

Gameplay - Blueprint - Apr 27, 2014

When opening blueprints, there is a potential memory leak occuring as the blueprint editor opens ...

UDN: Framework Networking: Listen server needs smoother interpolation of remote clients

Gameplay - Jan 31, 2014

Listen server needs smoother interpolation of remote clients. Update throttling and/or low framerates on clients results in poor experience on the listen server. Might be optional for dedicated serv ...

FBX: Camera imports to Matinee with skewed position and rotation

Tools - Import - Aug 27, 2013

Branch Build Label Changelist UE4-Main UE4_[2013-08-27_14.24] 1799942 DESCRIPTION: When importing an animated camera from Maya into Matinee, the placement of the camera is changed (shifted 90 ...

Plugins need to support localization

Tools - Localization - Jul 29, 2013

Plugins need to support localization. Also requested by this licensee: ...

Support for content-based plugins incl. packaging

DevTools - Plugin System - May 20, 2013

Fill tool does not work on BSP

Tools - Foliage - Mar 6, 2013

 The fill bucket tool under foliage does not work with BSP surfaces. ...