Play Dynamic Force Feedback does not work on Android

UE - Platform - Mobile - Sep 16, 2021

When trying to trigger vibration through the Play Dynamic Force Feedback node, nothing happens on Android. I tested this on Windows as well with an Xbox Series X controller connected, and the vibrat ...

Mobile Joysticks snap to edge upon any input

UE - Platform - Mobile - Sep 9, 2021

When dragging the mobile joysticks in any direction, the snap to the edges regardless of how much the user inputs in said direction. This occurs with both the left and right joystick. This also occu ...

Android Vulkan SM5 crash at startup

UE - Platform - Mobile - Sep 6, 2021

Sqlite plugin crash on iOS

UE - Platform - Mobile - Aug 26, 2021

Android API 30 LaunchURL Not Working

UE - Platform - Mobile - Jul 22, 2021

The LaunchURL blueprint node is not functioning when using non-default browsers in API level 30 on Android Devices. Another licensee reports that the default browser may not be relevant, as any brow ...

When Mobile Deferred Shading, the DBuffer Decal is affected by metallic value

UE - Platform - Mobile - Jul 22, 2021

Use Deferred Shading (r.Mobile.ShadingPath=1) Enable DBuffer Decal All Lights’s mobility is Static Decal Material settings : Material Domain - Deferred DecalBlend Mode - TranslucentDecal Blend Mo ...

Material of Skeletal Mesh does not render correctly when using multi-UV with ES3.1 and using Render Static

UE - Platform - Mobile - Jul 15, 2021

ES3.1 rendering does not render correctly when using TexCoord [1] in a material and RenderStatic on the SkeletalMeshComponent. ...

Mobile Previewer: Safe Zone Invalid Until Window Resize

UE - Platform - Mobile - Jul 12, 2021

When the Mobile Previewer loads, the Safe Zone widget is not working properly at startup, and requires a window resize to update to the correct Safe Zone. ...

Movable point light disappeared by MinScreenRadiusForLights and appeared back looks deemed.

UE - Platform - Mobile - Jun 25, 2021

The movable point light is abnormally lit when it disappeared by the setting of r.MinScreenRadiusForLights rather than "Max draw distance" and appears back. After you disable and enable the "Affect ...