FBasePassMeshProcessor crashes in ODSC code because the WorldGridMaterial doesn't support translucency

UE - Rendering Architecture - Jan 30, 2023

UDN: [Link Removed] Slack: [Link Removed] Then, the return value of TryAddMeshBatch is determined by FBasePassMeshProcessor::Process. When the crash occurs, GetBasePassShaders fails to get the shad ...

Make UInstancedStaticMeshComponent::UpdateInstanceBodyTransform protected

UE - Rendering Architecture - Jan 23, 2023

From the UDN ticket here: [Link Removed] We are developing a plug in which contains classes built from UInstancedStaticMeshComponent, overriding its virtual functions to update our mesh instances o ...

Near Clip Plane project setting has no effect

UE - Rendering Architecture - Jan 18, 2023

Virtual Texture not streaming with Thin Translucency

UE - Rendering Architecture - Aug 24, 2022

When using a virtual texture sampler for a thin translucent material, and that material occludes other objects that sample virtual textures, the occluded objects don't stream their VT. ...

Material fails to compile when virtual texture is connected to opacity mask only through Set/Get Material Attributes

UE - Rendering Architecture - Aug 19, 2022

If we connect a virtual texture to the opacity mask output of a material the material will fail to compile. This is expected. However if the opacity mask uses a regular texture connected via SetMat ...

Crash in FPrimitiveSceneProxy::UpdateInstances_RenderThread in CitySample

UE - Rendering Architecture - May 5, 2022

The following check fails occasionally: check(InstanceCustomData.Num() == (NumCustomDataFloats * InstanceSceneData.Num())); I was not able to narrow down more precise repro steps, but it appears t ...

Mesh Decals don't work with HISM of non-nanite meshes

UE - Rendering Architecture - Aug 10, 2021

The HISM on the right has 4 instances light the ISM on the left, but only one instance works with the mesh decal material.  [Image Removed] ...