Undoing Level visibility change causes levels moves to wrong world origin offset

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Jul 21, 2022

changing level visibility causes levels moves to strange position when using world origin shift

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Jul 20, 2022

Selecting another level while the level is hidden cause the level moves to incorrect position. it occurs only when using world origin shift in world setting. ...

Cannot touch at top of screen after input japanese on UEditableTextBox on IOS

UE - Platform - Mobile - Apr 5, 2022

[translated comment from licensee] This issue can be found in a IOS project using the Integrated Keyboard. it occurs when using a Japanese keyboard on EditableTextBox. There is no problem with Engl ...

Destructing NiagaraParameterStores causes multi threading write conflict

UE - Niagara - Jan 26, 2022

FNiagaraParameterStore::UnbindAll() may be called from both GameThread and RenderingThread. Each may modify the same Binding array, it causes infrequent crashes. In my environment, I was able to r ...

Volumetric Clouds appear in front of foreground objects in the Right Eye of VR Headsets

UE - Platform - XR - Dec 15, 2021

It seems that volumetric clouds in the background appear in front of objects in the foreground in the right eye of a VR headset. I also tested in //UE4/Release-4.26 @ CL 15973114 and the results wer ...

LandscapeVisibilityMask with an RVT Landscape seems to produce a black spot instead of a hole if Dbuffer Decals are turned off

UE - Graphics Features - Dec 14, 2021

This issue does not occur if Dbuffer Decals are activated for the project. ...

Using a fixed frame rate will cause you to leave the loop section of Montage.

UE - Anim - Runtime - Dec 10, 2021

This problem only occurs when the fixed frame rate is 30 and the Sequence Lenngth of the loop animation is 1.66667. If turn off the fixed frame rate setting, it will behave as it should. ...

Duplicating skeletal mesh assets with groom in world outliner changes Hair UV layout

UE - Rendering Architecture - Materials - Dec 10, 2021

Having duplicate characters with groom, hair UV layout changes which results in visible shift in character look and also changes color based on camera distance and lights in the scene (hair would fl ...

Reflection result of clear coat bottom normal is not correct.

UE - Rendering Architecture - Materials - Dec 9, 2021

This problem tends to appear in the southern hemisphere of spherical objects. It is not reproduced in 4.19. ...

The preview window in composure does not apply the tone curve.

UE - Virtual Production - Rendering - Composure - Nov 26, 2021