Crash on mobile OpenGL with a retainer box

UE - Platform - Mobile - Nov 23, 2022

Requesting Android Permissions causes an Ensure on Android Devices

UE - Platform - Mobile - Nov 14, 2022

Regression: Tested in UE5/Release-5.0 at CL 20979098 and the issue occurs. Issue would load in to the project without asking for permission and cause an ensure to occur, in 5.0.3 the issue would ca ...

Callback ID lost while using the webview

UE - Platform - Mobile - Nov 8, 2022

This is a licensee UDN: [Link Removed] I've reviewed the javascript/native bridge code and I don't see anything obvious.  The fact that it can happen on both mobile platforms might point at some hi ...

r.SetFramePace cannot be set in device profile

UE - Platform - Mobile - Oct 7, 2022

Suggest creating an r.InitialFramePace cvar that is applied immediately at startup. ...

Command buffer failure rates increased on iOS 15 devices compared to earlier iOS versions

UE - Platform - Mobile - Sep 23, 2022

There is a licensee report that command buffer failure rates on iOS 15 devices have increased compared to earlier iOS versions, and the issue may be related to foregrounding or backgrounding. ...

Niagara Mesh Renderer causes GPU hang on IOS 13.4.1

UE - Platform - Mobile - Sep 20, 2022

FPlatformMisc::RequestExit freezes app in IOS

UE - Platform - Mobile - Jul 12, 2022

See the UDN question (duplicated below). I think we need to better manage the lifetime of the event we use for synchronization here. We are experiencing an issue where when FPlatformMisc::Request ...

"Windows Principal functionality is not supported on this platform" when packaging for iOS on Mac

UE - Platform - Mobile - Jun 7, 2022

Thread here: ...