Ragdoll stops mid-air when activated during root animation

UE - Simulation - Physics - May 1, 2020

Crash if the setting of PhysicalAnimationComponent is changed in the same frame as teleport processing

UE - Simulation - Physics - Apr 24, 2020

Crash when ApplyPhysicalAnimationProfileBelow node and UPhysicalAnimationComponent :: UpdateTargetActors by UPhysicalAnimationComponent :: OnTeleport run in the same frame. Because RuntimeInstanceDa ...

AddForce behaves inconsistently between PIE and Standalone Game / Build

UE - Simulation - Physics - Apr 23, 2020

This example consists of a simple BP Actor, containing a Collision Sphere and Static Mesh (Sphere). The BP has Simulate Physics Ticked on, the Mass in KG is 1 and collision preset is set to Block Al ...

UProceduralMeshComponent::UpdateMeshSection does not call UProceduralMeshComponent::UpdateCollision

UE - Simulation - Physics - Apr 20, 2020

Updating a procedural mesh results in an incomplete collision update. Collision bounds appear to get updated properly, but collision data is not updated, despite a navigation rebuild being triggered ...

Lost triangles when creating convex collisions

UE - Simulation - Physics - Mar 11, 2020

Uncrouching a character on a physics object causes the character to penetrate the object only when physics substepping is enabled

UE - Simulation - Physics - Mar 10, 2020

This does not repro when physics substepping is disabled. The sequence of events in the character uncrouch code (UCharacterMovementComponent::UnCrouch) causes the capsule to move up then increase i ...

Engine Crashes On Scene Close When An Actor Is Spawned With Templated FActorSpawnParameters

UE - Simulation - Physics - Mar 5, 2020

When an actor is spawned with Spawn Parameters that are templated the engine crashes when closing a scene. This wasn't happening when there wasn't a physics constraint on the spawned blueprint. Thi ...

CollisionPreset of ComplexCollisionMesh is overrided by Drawing mesh settings

UE - Simulation - Physics - Mar 3, 2020

When setting ComplexCollisionMesh of StaticMesh asset, CollisionPreset that is actually applied becomes the setting on the drawing mesh side. It seems that ComplexCollisionMesh is not considered in ...

Niagara and Groom causes exception crash on Launch when using

UE - Simulation - Physics - Mar 2, 2020

Trying a Launch after every step shows that the problem occurs as soon as the GroomAssetSystem is added to Niagara. If the GroomAssetSystem is removed, the game launches fine (but the hair doesn't m ...