Blueprint Viewport Grid Toggle doesn't work

UE - Editor - Workflow Systems - Aug 18, 2021

Crash in FMacApplication::FindScreenByCocoaPosition when using the mouse in the ILIAD plugin.

UE - Platform - Apple - Aug 18, 2021

I think this could occur anytime but is probably very rare. However using this plugin from the reported UDN makes it much easier to repro as they are calling FMacApplication::ConvertCocoaPositionTo ...

Datasmith Tessellation does not work as operator in the visual dataprep

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Visual Dataprep - Aug 18, 2021

Pixelated volumetric translucent shadows

UE - Graphics Features - Aug 17, 2021

I narrowed down the issue to the Main call of ShadowProjectionPixelShader, and tested (on 4.26 and 4.27) a combo of different material and light shadow settings, as well as enabling transmission on ...

MediaFramework - Webcam Video input shows as black in Media Player

Media Framework - Aug 17, 2021

Alejandro Arango 3 days ago In fact, it seems the 4.27 changes are conditioned by WMFMEDIA_PLAYER_VERSION . So the only change needed is in WmfMedia.Build.cs . They only need to change it to say: P ...

Vertex Interpolators broken in landscape materials

UE - LD & Modeling - Terrain - Landscape - Aug 17, 2021

D:/Unreal/UE4_Release-4.27/Engine/Shaders/Private/LandscapeVertexFactory.ush(788,3-59): Shader FDebugViewModeVS, Permutation 0, VF FLandscapeVertexFactory[Image Removed]:/Unreal/UE4_Release-4.27/Eng ...

Cascade To Niagara Converter doesn't respect Initial Location Module

UE - Niagara - Aug 13, 2021

Niagara's Initialize Particle Module has the Input.Position Write default Value False which is fine as long as the Cascade To Niagara Converter can realizes whether Cascade has the location Module a ...